From Dr. Kelly:

My expertise, if one could call it that, derives from the clinical experience I have had in treating cancer patients and discovering for myself the extraordinary relationship that exists between animal protein and cancer. My aim therefore is to present examples of [1] what can happen when we ignore the necessity for a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet and [2] the benefits that are there for the taking, when patients adopt an animal protein free diet.

Ten years ago I would have scarcely entertained the possibility that a diet of any description could have an important role to play in the cure for cancer. At that time I had been practicing medicine as a family doctor, a general practitioner in Dublin, Ireland for more than forty years. Like most of my medical colleagues I would have been hugely skeptical of all the various dietary cures that were on offer, all based on little more than anecdotal evidence.

Then one day all that changed. A close friend of mine had died from cancer. At his funeral I happened to meet up with the only true icon of Irish science that I had ever known. We had come to be acquainted in our university days and even then he was considered to be one of the brightest students on the campus. In fact, he had gone on to become a professor of genetics.

At the funeral I brought up the subject of our friend’s death. I asked him whether there were any worthwhile cancer cures coming through in the field of genetics. His response was rather surprising. A wry smile came to his face and he took a business card from his pocket. On the back he wrote the name of a book and the name of the author, T. Colin Campbell. Then he said, “If you want to know more about cancer read The China Study.” Disconcertingly, we didn't speak on the subject after that.

To be exposed to the work of T. Colin Campbell, PhD is a big day in anybody’s life, but when a medical doctor reads The China Study he can react only in a very limited way. Most doctors will immediately realize that the contents of the book are not exactly orthodox teaching and many of them will discard the book after the first few pages. Famously, this was the reaction of a doctor friend of mine that I gave the book to as a present. He threw it away. But I am glad to say he picked it up again some years later. My own reaction was to read the book over and over again until I became absolutely convinced that there was a great deal of truth in what Colin Campbell was saying.

What is most striking about The China Study is the amount of solid evidence it presents. The book contains detailed accounts of Professor Campbell’s experiments on laboratory rats where he showed how it was entirely possible to switch the growth of cancer on and off by simply varying the amount of animal protein that there was in the diet. This represented an enormous discovery and the fact that the results could be replicated made the conclusions scientifically irrefutable.

The message that I got from the book certainly pricked my conscience. From the very first reading I came away with the conviction that it should be possible to apply the findings to my own cancer patients. It seemed reasonable to presume that what had happened in rats might very well also happen in humans, and without any danger to patients. I talked about the possibilities with colleagues but not unexpectedly everybody felt that it would be best to leave the matter in the hands of cancer specialists. It was when I received absolutely no encouragement from this quarter that I decided to conduct a simple trial of my own.

From that moment on I spoke about the diet to every cancer patient that walked through my office door. Some of them had been sick for many years and their cancers were very advanced, whilst others were just newly diagnosed. In total, almost seventy patients took part in my trial. I suggested to all of them that they should get a copy of The China Study and that they would have to stay on an animal protein free diet indefinitely. What happened far exceeded anything that I could have hoped for. Almost all of the patients began to feel considerably better within just a few weeks. It was as if their cancers had actually stopped growing.

Astonishingly, my simple experiment appeared to be working. In my book Stop Feeding Your Cancer I describe some of the more dramatic cases that I have seen over the past ten years. One could say that all of them behaved in the manner Colin Campbell might have predicted. Those patients that committed faithfully to the diet remained in good health whilst those that were not compliant responded very much like the rats in his experiments. When there was animal protein in the diet their cancers flared up, only to come back under control again as soon as a WFPB diet was resumed.


Dr. Kelly's book Stop Feeding Your Cancer is his Semmelweis letter.

There are two very significant points that Dr. Kelly has made:

(1) It is "entirely possible to switch the growth of cancer on and off by simply varying the amount of animal protein that there [is] in the diet."

(2) Dr. Kelly's fellow physicians were not interested in Point 1. They booted responsibility to the specialists.

And here are two points that I want to make:

(3) The establishment specialists are not interested, because they are too heavily invested (time, money, education, equipment, status) in their current practice.

(4) It is generally recognized that when anything new comes along, those that are heavily invested in the old are highly resistant.