Reversible, Curable Chronic Diseases

Dr. Klaper has given a talk to medical students that is presented on YouTube.
(At the end of YouTube talks, use your browser's back button [or close(X) any "new tab"], before YouTube runs away with you. It is also recommended that you click on the "skip ads" button that will appear after 5 seconds [to the lower right] if any ads are inserted by YouTube before the talk. We can't tell what the ads will be promoting, but it's not likely they will be supporting a WFPB diet. There's no money, in supporting a WFPB diet.)

Here's the (external) video link. The picture of Dr. Esselstyn's results occurs at minutes 17:08-17:09 (full screen) to 17:10-17:20 (top of picture).

A transcript of this talk is given here.

Dr. Klaper spoke of the new scientific area of epigenetics. A link to an article on epigenetics will be provided at the end of The Semmelweis Letters.