Dr. Klaper has given a talk suitable for a general audience that is presented on YouTube.
(At the end of YouTube talks, use your browser's back button [or close(X) any "new tab"], before YouTube runs away with you. It is also recommended that you click on the "skip ads" button that will appear after 5 seconds [to the lower right] if any ads are inserted by YouTube before the talk. We can't tell what the ads will be promoting, but it's not likely they will be supporting a WFPB diet.
Here's the video link.

A DrWohlgemuth.com transcript of this talk is given here.


On July 9, 2021, there were 1,214 viewer comments on Dr. Klaper's video talk. The most recent comment at that date was by Donna LE:
"My general doctor told me that my plant based diet was going to kill me. I survived the cancer, but couldn't tell him because he died of a heart disease."